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China supplier Fast Delivery Mining Equipment Pneumatic Rock Drill Reciprocating Mine Piston Air Compressor for Water Well Drilling Rig air compressor lowes

Product Description

Product Description

Advantages of piston type air compressor: high effiency, long service life .
We also sell piston air compressor spare parts 

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Lubrication Style: Oil-less
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What are the advantages of using rotary vane compressors?

Rotary vane compressors offer several advantages that make them a popular choice for various applications. These compressors are widely used in industries where a reliable and efficient source of compressed air is required. Here are the advantages of using rotary vane compressors:

1. Compact and Lightweight:

Rotary vane compressors are typically compact and lightweight compared to other types of compressors. Their compact design makes them suitable for installations where space is limited, such as in small workshops or mobile applications. The lightweight nature of these compressors allows for easy transportation and maneuverability.

2. High Efficiency:

Rotary vane compressors are known for their high efficiency. The design of the vanes and the compression chamber allows for smooth and continuous compression, resulting in minimal energy losses. This efficiency translates into lower energy consumption and reduced operating costs over time.

3. Quiet Operation:

Rotary vane compressors operate with relatively low noise levels. The design of the compressor, including the use of vibration damping materials and sound insulation, helps to minimize noise and vibrations during operation. This makes rotary vane compressors suitable for applications where noise reduction is important, such as in indoor environments or noise-sensitive areas.

4. Oil Lubrication:

Many rotary vane compressors utilize oil lubrication, which provides several benefits. The oil lubrication helps to reduce wear and friction between the moving parts, resulting in extended compressor life and improved reliability. It also contributes to better sealing and improved efficiency by minimizing internal leakage.

5. Versatile Applications:

Rotary vane compressors are versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications. They are suitable for both industrial and commercial applications, including automotive workshops, small manufacturing facilities, dental offices, laboratories, and more. They can handle various compressed air requirements, from light-duty tasks to more demanding applications.

6. Easy Maintenance:

Maintenance of rotary vane compressors is relatively straightforward. Routine maintenance tasks typically include oil changes, filter replacements, and periodic inspection of vanes and seals. The simplicity of the design and the availability of replacement parts make maintenance and repairs easier and more cost-effective.

These advantages make rotary vane compressors an attractive choice for many applications, providing reliable and efficient compressed air solutions.

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How do you maintain proper air quality in compressed air systems?

Maintaining proper air quality in compressed air systems is essential to ensure the reliability and performance of pneumatic equipment and the safety of downstream processes. Here are some key steps to maintain air quality:

1. Air Filtration:

Install appropriate air filters in the compressed air system to remove contaminants such as dust, dirt, oil, and water. Filters are typically placed at various points in the system, including the compressor intake, aftercoolers, and before point-of-use applications. Regularly inspect and replace filters to ensure their effectiveness.

2. Moisture Control:

Excessive moisture in compressed air can cause corrosion, equipment malfunction, and compromised product quality. Use moisture separators or dryers to remove moisture from the compressed air. Refrigerated dryers, desiccant dryers, or membrane dryers are commonly employed to achieve the desired level of dryness.

3. Oil Removal:

If the compressed air system utilizes oil-lubricated compressors, it is essential to incorporate proper oil removal mechanisms. This can include coalescing filters or adsorption filters to remove oil aerosols and vapors from the air. Oil-free compressors eliminate the need for oil removal.

4. Regular Maintenance:

Perform routine maintenance on the compressed air system, including inspections, cleaning, and servicing of equipment. This helps identify and address any potential issues that may affect air quality, such as leaks, clogged filters, or malfunctioning dryers.

5. Air Receiver Tank Maintenance:

Regularly drain and clean the air receiver tank to remove accumulated contaminants, including water and debris. Proper maintenance of the tank helps prevent contamination from being introduced into the compressed air system.

6. Air Quality Testing:

Periodically test the quality of the compressed air using appropriate instruments and methods. This can include measuring particle concentration, oil content, dew point, and microbial contamination. Air quality testing provides valuable information about the effectiveness of the filtration and drying processes and helps ensure compliance with industry standards.

7. Education and Training:

Educate personnel working with compressed air systems about the importance of air quality and the proper procedures for maintaining it. Provide training on the use and maintenance of filtration and drying equipment, as well as awareness of potential contaminants and their impact on downstream processes.

8. Documentation and Record-Keeping:

Maintain accurate records of maintenance activities, including filter replacements, drying system performance, and air quality test results. Documentation helps track the system’s performance over time and provides a reference for troubleshooting or compliance purposes.

By implementing these practices, compressed air systems can maintain proper air quality, minimize equipment damage, and ensure the integrity of processes that rely on compressed air.

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How does an air compressor work?

An air compressor works by using mechanical energy to compress and pressurize air, which is then stored and used for various applications. Here’s a detailed explanation of how an air compressor operates:

1. Air Intake: The air compressor draws in ambient air through an intake valve or filter. The air may pass through a series of filters to remove contaminants such as dust, dirt, and moisture, ensuring the compressed air is clean and suitable for its intended use.

2. Compression: The intake air enters a compression chamber, typically consisting of one or more pistons or a rotating screw mechanism. As the piston moves or the screw rotates, the volume of the compression chamber decreases, causing the air to be compressed. This compression process increases the pressure and reduces the volume of the air.

3. Pressure Build-Up: The compressed air is discharged into a storage tank or receiver where it is held at a high pressure. The tank allows the compressed air to be stored for later use and helps to maintain a consistent supply of compressed air, even during periods of high demand.

4. Pressure Regulation: Air compressors often have a pressure regulator that controls the output pressure of the compressed air. This allows the user to adjust the pressure according to the requirements of the specific application. The pressure regulator ensures that the compressed air is delivered at the desired pressure level.

5. Release and Use: When compressed air is needed, it is released from the storage tank or receiver through an outlet valve or connection. The compressed air can then be directed to the desired application, such as pneumatic tools, air-operated machinery, or other pneumatic systems.

6. Continued Operation: The air compressor continues to operate as long as there is a demand for compressed air. When the pressure in the storage tank drops below a certain level, the compressor automatically starts again to replenish the compressed air supply.

Additionally, air compressors may include various components such as pressure gauges, safety valves, lubrication systems, and cooling mechanisms to ensure efficient and reliable operation.

In summary, an air compressor works by drawing in air, compressing it to increase its pressure, storing the compressed air, regulating the output pressure, and releasing it for use in various applications. This process allows for the generation of a continuous supply of compressed air for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and personal uses.

China supplier Fast Delivery Mining Equipment Pneumatic Rock Drill Reciprocating Mine Piston Air Compressor for Water Well Drilling Rig   air compressor lowesChina supplier Fast Delivery Mining Equipment Pneumatic Rock Drill Reciprocating Mine Piston Air Compressor for Water Well Drilling Rig   air compressor lowes
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China Professional 530cfm and 13bar Portable Diesel Screw Air Compressor for Drilling Rig with Great quality

Product Description

530cfm and 13Bar Transportable Diesel Screw Air Compressor for Drilling Rig

Commonly applied to hydropower, railway, ship fixing, mining, highway, spray, oil and gasoline subject, h2o well drilling rig, municipal development, and many others.

Information Attribute:

one. Most sophisticated air stop:Hanbell or Baosi.
2. CZPT Motor.
three. Broad open up gull-wing door:
four. MANN Manufacturer Air filter,oil filter,air-oil separator,three stage air filter make certain the air clean.
five. Electric power and pannel instrument system:
six.  Solid undercarriage
7.  High effective & financial adjustment system.
8. Compact construction design,anti-corrosion,and light-weight-weight.

Specification for 530cfm and 13Bar Transportable Diesel Screw Air Compressor for Drilling Rig



Selecting an Air Compressor

Taking into consideration a new Air Compressor? Below are some suggestions to make the determination less complicated. Learn the execs and negatives of every single variety, such as the distinctions between oil-injected and oil-free of charge designs, one phase and optimistic displacement. In addition, find out more about the various technologies that are accessible for your air compressor. It is essential to pick an suitable device for the type of operate you do. Right here are some of the very best compressors offered right now.

Constructive displacement

There are many diverse types of air compressors, but most are positive displacement air compressors. They use a rotary or reciprocating part to compress air. The reciprocating ingredient compresses air by decreasing the volume of the chamber. Constructive displacement compressors are used in bicycle pumps, chemical crops, and refrigerators. Constructive displacement air compressors use multiple inlet ports. In spite of the various sorts, the theory of procedure remains the same.
One more sort of good displacement air compressor is a reciprocating piston. The piston inside of a cylinder moves up and down, creating the compressed air to fill the higher component of the cylinder. These air compressors are employed in a assortment of various applications, which includes blowing bottles and gas pipelines. These air compressors can be h2o-cooled, lubricated, or non-lubricated. Various kinds have diverse capacities and air pressures.
A positive displacement flowmeter makes use of a rotating chamber that divides ongoing fluid into discrete parts. The variety of occasions the chamber is filled and discharged can be utilized to estimate the movement price. The rotation speed of the measuring chamber is straight proportional to the movement rate. The downsides of this type of good displacement flowmeter are that it is prone to jamming. If the fluid consists of particles, it could be too thick for the meter to determine circulation fee.
A adverse displacement air compressor was invented in 1860 and is the oldest kind of compressor. It utilizes two lobes positioned in a round cavity. A single rotor is related to an engine, even though the other pushes the other one to spin in the reverse direction. Damaging displacement compressors are reduced-maintenance, but they do require more precision. They are often employed in nuclear power vegetation because they use the kinetic strength of the rotating factors to make force.


Oil-flooded or oil-injected air compressors use liquid to seal and lubricate moving components and decrease sounds. Oil-flooded air compressors are powerful for a selection of pneumatic instruments and add-ons. Some types have a thermostat that controls the sum of oil used in the course of procedure. Other varieties of oil-flooded air compressors are piston-kind versions. Here is an overview of the simple variances between these two air compressors.
An oil-injected air compressor is more expensive than a similar oil-free of charge air compressor, but its advantages considerably outweigh its negatives. An oil-free of charge compressor is quieter, demands less routine maintenance, and has a lower price tag tag. It also gives a increased diploma of air purity. A amount of other positive aspects may possibly also make this sort of air compressor the better decision for several industrial configurations. If you require a high-stress compressor in a restricted room, consider the rewards of an oil-totally free system.
Oil-injected air compressors require much more servicing than oil-free types. Equally sorts of air compressors provide related ability and ISO 8573-1 Class and 1-2 purity, but the oil-injected techniques need more air-treatment method parts. They call for an activated carbon filter and coalescing filter. Oil-injected air compressors will probably remain the normal for industrial air compressors for several several years. And because their functionality and effectiveness are equivalent, it might be worthwhile to commit in some position-of-use air remedy.
Equally kinds of air compressors have their positive aspects. Nonetheless, picking amongst oil-totally free and oil-injected air compressors is not as uncomplicated as you might feel. Whichever kind you choose, make positive it will meet up with your wants. The benefits of an oil-injected air compressor outweigh their disadvantages. In general, oil-injected air compressors are a lot more tough and can very last for a longer time than oil-free of charge models. The only downside is their larger price tag.


When deciding on an air compressor for your organization, you’ll need to decide what it is likely to be employed for. For case in point, if you are arranging on using it to energy numerous staff, you need to consider getting an oil-free compressor. An oil-cost-free compressor, on the other hand, is quieter and can power numerous staff at a time. If you happen to be a contractor, the most essential consideration will be the variety of jobs you’ll be doing. Higher air pressure signifies increased desire for air circulation, and far more strain can damage the gear.
Oil-cost-free compressed air is licensed one hundred% cost-free of contaminants. Technically, oil-cost-free air is not fully free of foreign matter, but it is extremely minimal in the restrictions of useful air quality. A technically oil-free air compressor may have a overall oil stage of .003 mg/m3. If you’re in want of a technically oil-free of charge air compressor, you must install an air remedy gear right after your existing compressor.
If you’re in the production business, a good oil-cost-free air compressor will preserve you money and decrease your environmental effect. Numerous of these resources call for air compressors to function, and this equipment will make certain that they do not get contaminated. To buy the ideal oil-free compressor, you ought to understand a little bit about the distinct terms utilized by compressor fix organizations. ACFM, for case in point, is the quantity of air that can be compressed in 1 moment at rated conditions.
When you happen to be using an oil-free air compressor, you ought to know that the general existence of the system will be much shorter. Compared to an oil-flooded rotary screw air compressor, an oil-totally free compressor normally has a lifespan of fifty thousand several hours. But it’s critical to realize that this sort of compressor can nonetheless trigger hurt to piping and processes. Therefore, you ought to pick an oil-free of charge compressor when you need to clear air for your organization.


A single-stage air compressor, also acknowledged as a piston air compressor, compresses air only after ahead of storing it in a cylinder. This saved air has ample energy to power a assortment of pneumatic equipment, this kind of as screwdrivers, chisels, and wrenches. These models are also preferably suited for lower-flow applications and are widely used in gas stations, automobile outlets, and numerous producing crops.
A single-stage air compressor employs two valves – a single for inlet and a single for outlet – to transfer compressed air. Each valves are actuated by springs. The inlet valve has a slight curvature to give security from injury. The compressor’s outlet valve opens when the strain in the cylinder is larger than the force in the storage tank. The piston moves really rapidly inside of the cylinder, exerting a substantial sum of power during the compression method. This substantial piston speed is a common lead to of compressor wear and tear.
A one-stage air compressor is excellent for smaller tradesmen and small construction crews. Its light-weight and compact layout make it less complicated to transport and shop. Although it may possibly be tempting to buy the 1st low-cost air compressor you see, it’s essential to equilibrium the price tag from overall performance to choose the right air compressor for your needs. The best solitary-stage air compressor is one particular that provides superb performance and sturdiness. Its two-stage counterpart is developed for bigger design groups and big apps.
The main variation among a single-stage and a two-phase air compressor lies in their ability. A single-stage air compressor compresses air only as soon as and provides it into the storage tank, even though a two-phase compressor compresses it 2 times, making double the stress. Since of this, one-stage air compressors are more affordable and versatile than their counterparts, which implies that they can be utilized for several functions.


A reduced-sound air compressor is a type of industrial compressor that is much less noisy than typical air compressors. These are usually scaled-down machines designed for smaller sized factories and workshops with a couple of to numerous workers. They are designed to manage mid-fat volumes of compressed air for every day. This variety of compressor is particularly beneficial for scaled-down producing organizations that need to have to create compressed air for medical apps. Modest breweries can also advantage from the reduced-sounds capabilities of these compressors.
Low-noise air compressors arrive in numerous measurements and characteristics. For smaller employment, you can buy a one-gallon product that is lightweight and portable. For more substantial employment, you can acquire 1 with a more substantial tank that can offer more force for for a longer time work. Even so, a greater tank will make the compressor heavier and harder to transportation. To steer clear of this, make confident to check out the dimensions of the tank and how considerably electrical power it can manage.
Thinking about a low-sound air compressor for your enterprise? If so, you’ve got come to the correct spot. There are a assortment of affordable and reliable lower-noise options to select from. A CAT 10020C, for instance, is designed to supply substantial-quantity air to several shops at once. A CAT 10020C comes with a 10-gallon tank, wheels, and a carrying take care of.
Sounds levels can also affect the productivity of staff. When workers perform with air compressors in shut proximity to every single other, they might build tinnitus. If employees are cost-free from tinnitus due to the fact of the loud sounds, they are likely to function more efficiently. Moreover, it will be less complicated for them to emphasis and connect successfully. If you need to have a compressor, a low-sounds one particular is an excellent selection.

China Professional 530cfm and 13bar Portable Diesel Screw Air Compressor for Drilling Rig     with Great qualityChina Professional 530cfm and 13bar Portable Diesel Screw Air Compressor for Drilling Rig     with Great quality