China wholesaler Suncenter LPG CNG Natural Gas CHINAMFG with Hot selling

China Wholesaler Suncenter LPG CNG Natural Gas CHINAMFG with Hot Selling

Product Description

Suncenter LPG CNG Natural Gas Screw Compressor

Suncenter is a globally professional manufacturer of high-pressure air compressors, gas compressors, medium and high-pressure compressors, high-pressure piston/reciprocating compressors, with output pressure ranging from 300PSI (2MPa) up to 7250PSI (50MPa). Our compressors can handle various gases such as compress air, argon, helium, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, CO2, CH4, LNG, LPG, CNG, etc. These compressors have been widely used in high-pressure testing, hydropower stations, military, seismic, and oil/gas petroleum industries.

– Pressure test with gas
– Gas transfer and filling
– Charging of gas cylinder and accumulator with nitrogen
– Supply for isolating gas systems
– Gas-assisted injection molding
– Transfer of oxygen cylinders
– Charging of breathing air bottles
– Leak test
– Hydrostatic Testing for valves, tanks, pressure vessels, pressure switches, hoses, pipes and tubing, pressure gauges, cylinders, transducers, well casings, BOPs, gas bottles, and aircraft components

Natural Gas Compressor

Suncenter Natural Gas Compressors are cost-effective for handling high volumes of gas in gas gathering, vapor recovery, and other applications. These compressors are ideal for large volume/low suction pressure applications and can upgrade existing reciprocating compressor installations. With their few moving parts, rotary screws offer low maintenance and high reliability.

– Skid with Market Proven US made Gas Ends
– Versatrol Internal Bypass Valves (Option)
– VFD Control (Option)
– Wide Range of Capacity Control, Fully Automatic
– All Climate Design, Even For Tough Environment
– Full-automatic control for system running without anyone on duty
– Adjustable Vi matches the internal compression to the application requirement for maximum compression efficiency
– 6000V/10000V Explosion-proof Motor CHINAMFG request

Air/Nitrogen Gas Compressors

Suncenter air/nitrogen gas compressors feature reliable compression bare blocks with a modular design. We offer various blocks and cylinders options and ensure each stage has a low-pressure ratio and low operating temperature by reasonably matching compression stages and cylinder sizes according to the compression ratio.

– Working pressure from 2 to 50MPa
– Complete suction protection for real-time monitoring of intake pressure, discharge pressure, and temperature
– Advanced pressure-bearing crankcase and condensate drain collection system for zero blow-by of the unit
– Fully automatic PLC control system for unattended operation of the unit
– Various driving methods available, including motor drive and diesel drive, to ensure efficient operation
– Different discharge filter systems and dry systems to meet purity and dryness requirements
– Time-tested professional design, simple installation, no additional foundation required

Helium/Argon Compressor

Suncenter compressors are designed specifically for rare gaseous gases, compressing, purifying, storing, distributing, and recovering. The crankcase of these compressors resists 2.5bar to prevent gas losses, and a special blowby recovery system is standard equipped. With low compression ratio and big size outlet of each stage, they maintain low interstage temperature. Additionally, a big capacity cooler is equipped for high compress heat of rare gas.

– 1.5–7NM3/min 20–35MPa
– Air-cooled or Water-cooled cooler design, meeting various application requirements
– Diesel Engine drove CHINAMFG request
– Full Range Products for various demands
– Time-tested professional design


Our universal modular design brings flexibility and simplicity for adjusting the piston, cylinder, cylinder head, and valves, providing customers with the most efficient and economical system. Our design features and advantages ensure our units can withstand the test of time and gain user’s approval.

– Easy to install and maintain
– Low maintenance and operating costs
– No special foundation requirements
– Pressurized crankcase to reduce gas leakage
– High pressure
– Dynamic balance design
– Low vibration
– Low compression ratio and temperature rise
– Efficient
– Suitable for continuous or intermittent operating conditions
– Low speed to extend service life

How to Select Suncenter Gas Compressors?

In order to choose a suitable model for you, please kindly reply to us with the following questions:

1. What is your present gas pressure? ( )bar
2. What gas do you need to compress? Air, natural gas, nitrogen gas, or other gases?
3. What is the maximum outlet gas pressure you need? ( )bar
4. What is the outlet gas flow rate you need? ( )Nm3/min

If you are interested in any of our products, please feel free to contact us. We also offer customized products according to your special requirements.

Why Choose Suncenter:

– 15 years of manufacturing experience history
– Faster lead time, with the fastest delivery in about 10-15 working days
– CE & SGS certificate approval factory
– Quality control for every step during production
– Professional engineers with working experience in Maximator

Customer Review:

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3. Are Suncenter compressors easy to install and maintain?
4. Can Suncenter compressors withstand high pressures?
5. Does Suncenter offer customized products for specific requirements?

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Performance Characteristics of LPG Compressor

1. High efficiency: The LPG compressor is designed to provide efficient compression of liquefied petroleum gas, ensuring optimal performance.

2. Durability: With its robust construction and high-quality materials, the LPG compressor is built to withstand heavy-duty use and harsh operating conditions.

3. Safety: LPG compressors are equipped with advanced safety features to ensure the safe handling and compression of liquefied petroleum gas.

4. Reliability: Designed for continuous operation, LPG compressors offer reliable performance and minimal downtime.

Types and Characteristics of LPG Compressor

There are several types of LPG compressors available, each with its own unique characteristics:

Reciprocating LPG Compressor

  • Provides high compression ratios
  • Offers precise control over compression process
  • Suitable for small to medium-scale applications

Centrifugal LPG Compressor

  • Delivers large volumes of compressed gas
  • Ideal for large-scale industrial applications
  • Requires less maintenance compared to reciprocating compressors

Advantages of LPG Compressor Made of Different Materials

The choice of materials used in the construction of an LPG compressor can greatly impact its performance and durability. Here are the advantages of LPG compressors made of different materials:

Steel LPG Compressor

  • High strength and durability
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Suitable for harsh environments

Aluminum LPG Compressor

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Good heat dissipation
  • Economical choice

Application of LPG Compressor

The versatility of LPG compressors makes them valuable in various fields:

Industrial Manufacturing

  • Used for gas compression in manufacturing processes
  • Ensures efficient operation of machinery and equipment

Oil and Gas Industry

  • Facilitates the extraction and transportation of petroleum products
  • Plays a crucial role in upstream and downstream operations

Energy Production

  • Used in power plants and renewable energy facilities for gas compression
  • Contributes to the generation of electricity


  • Enables the compression of LPG for storage and transportation
  • Used in vehicles powered by LPG

Commercial and Residential Applications

  • Provides compressed gas for heating, cooking, and other household or commercial uses
  • Ensures a reliable and continuous supply of LPG

Future Development Trends and Opportunities

The LPG compressor industry is poised for growth and presents several development prospects:

Technological Advancements

  • Innovations in compressor design and control systems
  • Improved energy efficiency and performance

Expansion of LPG Infrastructure

  • Increasing demand for LPG in various sectors
  • Expanding distribution networks and storage facilities

Shift Towards Renewable Energy

  • Growing adoption of LPG as a cleaner alternative to traditional fuels
  • Potential for increased usage in sustainable energy solutions

How to Choose a Suitable LPG Compressor

When selecting an LPG compressor, consider the following aspects:

Clear Requirements

Define the specific needs and operational requirements for the compressor.

Material Selection

Choose the appropriate material based on the application and environmental conditions.

Design Optimization

Look for compressors with optimized design features to maximize efficiency and performance.

Suppliers and After-Sales Service

Select reputable suppliers that offer reliable products and excellent after-sales service.


Evaluate the overall cost-effectiveness, considering factors such as initial investment, operating costs, and maintenance requirements.

Quality Control

Ensure that the compressor meets relevant quality standards and certifications.

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